Our primary goal at CrossFit 724 is to educate, instruct and train our team members to exceed their physical and mental capacities, guide and maintain a fitness lifestyle for a lifetime. Whether your goal is to lose body-fat, build muscle, or perform better at your particular sport, CrossFit has proven through simple science to attain all those goals.

We are not a fly by night fitness program. We don’t waste your time or ours with fitness myths. We will tell it to you straight and push you to train hard and EAT RIGHT! Your results speak for themselves and YOU will prove it. Nutrition is a least a 60% component of health and fitness. We provide periodical nutritional lectures, small group nutrition sit-downs and offer personal nutrition guidance where we tell you what, how and when to eat depending on your goals.

Membership will entitle you to unlimited sessions, nutrition education, free complimentary physical assessment and guidance along with the local events. There is no contract and no initiation fee.

Our program begins with a CrossFit Foundation 101 class. You will attend 2 classes a week (Tuesday & Thurdays) with each session lasting 60 minutes. You would need to complete all 8 classes prior to attending any Open workouts (WOD). You must start on the first Tuesday of the month. If you would like to get started faster we do offer one on one training that can fast track you thru the foundation 101 class as well.

We offer a standard rate along with discounted “group rate”, “ couples rate”,”firefighter, police and military rate” and a “pre-pay packages”.

Give Us a Call at 724-205-6046 and Sign Up Now