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CrossFit is right for anyone, and we make it easy to get started the right way! It all starts with a free consultation with one of our friendly coaches. From there we usually recommend starting with our eight-session Foundation 101 course that will get you CrossFitting safely and effectively, one step at a time, over four weeks. Afterwards, you’ll be able to join our open WOD classes and experience the fun of a daily workout with your friends that leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie!

Foundation 101

Most people have no CrossFit experience when they start training with us, and that’s OK! We offer a series of eight classes called Foundation 101 to get you started. In F-101 you’ll get introduced to all our movements, equipment, and methods gradually over the course of four weeks. You’ll learn about our nutrition program, determine how often you should train, and get all your questions answered!

Foundation 101 is a learning experience. You can’t “fail” Foundation 101. No matter what level of fitness you’re at, F-101 is right for you! We slowly and gradually build your confidence, abilities and give you the tools to enter the open WOD training with confidence over the course of four weeks. After you graduate you’ll be ready to jump into our Open WOD classes and start moving safely, efficiently, and effectively! F-101 is also a lot of fun, and you’ll make some new friends to begin the journey along with you.

You’ll also receive a complimentary CrossFit 724 beginner’s WOD book to show you how to log your workouts and show you examples of common CrossFit movements.

You can sign up for Foundation 101 by contacting us here. F-101 is eight classes, which includes your first month of training. Each class is 60 minutes and led by one of our friendly CrossFit 724 coaches that will get you moving the right way! We only accept 12 students into each Fundamentals class. Slots are limited, so reserve your spot today! All classes start on the first monday of the month and are 2x a week. Contact us at 724-205-6046 to sign up and reserve your spot!

Each class lasts 60 minutes long and they start the first full week of ea month.
We only accept 12 students into each class, so reserve your spot today!
We start class on time to respect everyone’s schedule.
Upon graduation of the foundation classes, everyone is entered into a Open WOD class times and receive a Free Tee Shirt!

Open WOD Classes

The philosphy of CrossFit 724 (results driven) is just that and is expressed in our Open WOD classes! We provide a knowledgeable coach to guide and teach you while avoiding the expense of personal training.
Every class at CrossFit 724 is led by a coach that is excited to teach you movements, fine-tune your technique, and custom tailor the workout to your specific needs. The trainer leads with a warmup, then either a strength workout, and or specific skill movement then your ready for your WOD. During the workout the trainer ensures your movement patterns are safe and efficient, and motivates you towards the finish! You simply won’t believe how much progress you can make with a trained eye watching and correcting your technique and helping you along the way!

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